Prospective Member FAQs

?1. What does membership cost?
The MONA membership fee is $30 (pro-rated) for one year plus a one-time, $20 registration fee for new members.  See our Registration Page for more info. The renewal period, regardless of when you joined, is the same for all members and is in May/June of every year.  

2. I was a member previously, but forgot to renew.  Do I have to pay the new member fee?
Yes.   If your membership lapsed and was not renewed, you are welcome to rejoin, but you you will be charged the annual fee $30 (pro-rated if applicable) along with the $20 new member fee.   

3. If I live outside of North Arlington, can I still be a member?
Members must reside in one of the following zip codes: 22201, 22203, 22205, 2207, 22209, 22211, or 22213.

If you live outside of our zip code boundary, there are several alternative mom groups in the area.
Here are a few:
South Arlington Moms Club:
Fairlington Moms Club:
Arlington Moms & Dads Club:
Moms Club of Alexandria:
P.A.C.E. (Parenting and Childhood Education):
MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers):

4. Is MONA just for stay-at-home moms?
No.  MONA is made up of many different family scenarios.  We have stay-at-home moms, full time & part time working moms, single moms, single dads, and even some grandparents who are primary caregivers for the family.  We’re confident that every member will be able to connect with others to whom they can relate.

5. I'm a care provider/nanny who lives and/or works in North Arlington, can I join MONA? 
Unfortunately no.  MONA is a support group for mothers (and fathers), who live in North Arlington.

6. Is MONA just for moms with young babies/kids?
Not at all. While there are a ton of outlets within MONA for new and expecting moms, there are just as many events and resources to take advantage of for those with older children.

7. As a non-member, are there MONA activities I can attend to check it out?
Yes! Each month, we host one  FREE social event, open to the public – usually on a Saturday morning or a holiday. From 10am-11am.. Entertainment (geared towards children under age 5), snacks and coffee are provided.
Upcoming Dates:  Nov 12, Dec. 8th.  Location: Clarendon United Methodist Church, N. Irving Street. Arlington, VA.  Cory Hall

8. I’m expecting my first child. Does it make sense to join before he/she is born?
Absolutely – Our expectant moms group is a great fit for first time mothers-to-be. Additionally,
you can make use of our forums for purchasing baby gear you may need before the little one
arrives, or for soliciting advice from experienced moms on things like pediatricians in the area,
delivery methods, etc.

9. What are some of the interest groups MONA offers to members?
Currently, the interest groups available to members include: Book Club, Tennis Club, New Moms, Expectant Moms, Single Parents, Moms Over 40, Working Moms, Moms of Kids with Special Needs, Business &  Entrepreneurs Network. Additionally, we encourage members to find commonalities amongst themselves, and form their own special interest group.For example, there may be a Grandma/Nana group forming soon!

10. What kind of events does MONA host?
MONA offers a wide range of events. We host all kinds of local, discounted kid-friendly activities, annual family picnics, moms’ nights out, speaking events, shopping events, interest group meet-ups, and training and educational events, just to name a few.

11. What are some additional resources available to members?
In addition to events, outings and general activities catered specifically to moms and mom-to-be, MONA offers access to a community of moms that can provide the kind of support so many of us need. The MONA Forums offer an opportunity to seek advice, buy and sell goods, promote a business and generally connect with others in the North Arlington area.

12. How large is MONA?
We have approximately 2,400 members, and are growing each year!

13. How do I get involved in volunteering with MONA?
As an entirely volunteer-run organization, we are always in need of and welcome those interested volunteering or in becoming board members. For more information, contact the MONA Vice President to discuss potential opportunities:

NOTE: If you still have more questions or  feel there are circumstances for which an exception should be made regarding your potential membership, you can request specific approval from the MONA Board. Please contact the MONA Membership Chair at