Membership FAQs

Listed below are some frequently asked questions designed to help you get the most out of your MONA membership.

I am a new member, what is the best way to get involved?
The best way to get involved is to dive right in. Pick an outing to attend or come to the monthly social. MONA allows members to "find their own village" by finding what fits their interests and needs. You might be thinking, "I have an infant who does nothing but sit in his infant carrier sleeping – how can I take him to an outing?"; Veteran members will tell you that going out with a sleeping baby actually gives you the time to talk with other mothers and get to know them–pump them for valuable information! Those of us with active toddlers come to the outings with another purpose in mind–to get out and help our children burn off some of their endless energy.

Another great way to meet people quickly is to join a playgroup. Contact our Playgroups Coordinator ( for more information. Offer to start a new group, or inquire about anyone else looking for a group in your child’s age range.

What if I work full-time?
While many MONA activities take place during the workweek, there are exceptions, such as Moms Night Out events, our periodic Saturday Socials, and activities planned by our Working Moms Group. There are also many family outings planned for weekends. Take a look at the MONA Calendar to find some events that work for your family.

How do I join the MONA Facebook page?
As the Facebook group is closed to the public to protect the privacy of our members, please email our Facebook Moderator for access (, and include "MONA Facebook Access" in your subject line.

I am interested in attending a special interest club meeting, but what if I don't know that much about the topic?
If you are new to something, it can feel intimidating to think about sitting around with people who have been doing it for years. But remember, the purpose of the group is to help people, just like you, to connect with other parents. Everyone has to start somewhere. Members are always eager to share information with each other. The Book Club is one where no experience is necessary. The coordinators are happy to talk with you about each group. You can find contact info for all of them listed on our "Groups" page, or email our Community Outreach Chair for information on our groups here:

I would like to start a new special interest club. How do I get started?
New clubs must be approved by the MONA Board. Please email the Vice President , who will provide more information about the process:

I would like to start a new playgroup. How do I get started?
To start a new playgroup, contact the Playgroups Coordinator, who will provide more information about the process:

I would like to become involved in the MONA Board or volunteer as a Coordinator. How do I get involved?
Elections for the MONA Board are held each June. The Board term runs from July 1 to June 30. In the spring of each year, we ask for people interested in running. For more information, contact the MONA President to discuss the roles of each position:

I have moved. Can I still be a member of MONA?
If you move outside of our zip code boundary after becoming a member, you may complete your membership for that year. To remain a member of MONA after that year, you must request approval from the MONA Board. Please contact the MONA Membership Chair ( to request permission to remain active after moving outside of the zip code boundary.

How can I change my mailing or email address?
Once logged into, please click on "Member's Area" in the blue box on the upper right-hand side of the page. Below "My Member Information" click on "Member Information" and then "Change Contact/Profile Info." You can make changes to your information from here.

Is MONA just for moms?
No. While our community is primarily made up of working and stay-at-home moms, we also welcome dads and caregivers. We respect, value and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are, whether they are a mom, dad, or caregiver to our community’s young ones. Fun fact: One of our board members is an Arlington dad!

If you have questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us, either through our Contact form on, or by emailing